Thoughts about Money in the Time of Corona

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020

Hello, my dear Fellow Weekend Intensive Grads and Artists, Rose Marie here, your resident Acting Business Boot Camp Budget Coach.

I know this time is proving financially tricky for many of us. So, I wanted to offer a few key ways to help ease the pain during this period of uncertainty.

Here are a few things you can do to help with your finances.


I know it may be painful. I know it may feel yucky, but I encourage you to print out all of your statements from the last month or two and highlight three kinds of charges.

  1.  Anything impulsive
  2. Anything that you had negative emotions about after the purchase
  3. Anything that is a subscription or autopay

Usually, when we look at finances, we try to add additional income, but with work being challenging to come by in this crisis, we want to pair down our spending as much as possible. 

This simple exercise offers perspective into your current relationship with money....

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Money & the Actor – The Budget System Part Three

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020

First of all, good for you… if you’ve been sticking with this Blog and the directions in it… Good . For. You.

Changing how we spend our money, look at money, make our money is no easy challenge. Money cuts right to some of our deepest core beliefs about ourselves and because of that changing that visceral part of us takes courage… and energy.

In Part Three of this blog (if you have not read Parts One and Two, please click HERE) We’re going to talk about how to keep track of your PREDICTABLE MONTHLY EXPENSES and your UNPREDICTABLE MONTHLY EXPENSES and even start to dabble in CATEGORIES (things like a HEADSHOT CATEGORY, an EDUCATION CATEGORY, a VACATION (gasp) CATEGORY and dare I even say it? A FUN CATEGORY!)

But first, let’s review our Basic Monthly Budgeting:

You have your MAGIC NUMBER – again, let’s say $3000.

For ease let’s say your PREDICTABLE MONTHLY EXPENSES is $1500 and your UNPREDICTABLE MONTHLY EXPENSES is $1500.

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Money & the Actor – The Budget System Part Two

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020

Ok, are you ready?

Here we go…

If you have been following along, GREAT this blog is for you.

You haven’t read the first two yet? CLICK HERE

Now I am going to attempt to break this down in a “See, Spot, Run” basic way. So if it feels a little clunky, or oversimplified, GOOD.

Ok, in front of you assemble your list of PREDICTABLE MONTHLY EXPENSES. Remember that next to each item you want to have overestimated each of those predictable expenses by $5 – $10.

Remember the phrase–More Money Not a Problem. Less Money a Problem!

Also, get your little notebook that lists your daily in-coming money (salaries) and out-going money (expenses).

If you do not have these two things with at least a week of data from your notebook – wait a week and collect that data…


If you are thinking, “Peter, if I do not do this budgeting thing RIGHT NOW, I am never going to!!!”

Then buddy, let’s get this ship righted!



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Money & the Actor- The Budget System Part One

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020

Happy New Year!

TODAY IS THE DAY when putting off taking responsibility for your money ENDS.

Remember what I said in the last blog that – “I was never, ever, ever going to make the kind of money I wanted to until I took responsibility for it.” 

And three weeks later- it’s still True.

If you didn’t read my blog where I regaled the tales of my drama with money – CLICK HERE – but be sure to return to THIS blog as this is where the You and Your Money get REAL.

At the end of my last post, I asked you to make a list of all of your predictable expenses. If you have that list – great, take it out.

If you don’t – get a piece of paper and a pen. No, not your phone or a computer spreadsheet –  we are going to do this the old fashioned way. MAGIC HAPPENS when you put pen to paper and start writing out your numbers.

I want you to write out your PREDICTABLE MONTHLY EXPENSES. Please note, this is NOT...

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Money & The Actor…Yeah…

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020


You clicked on this blog.

Because I can guarantee you for every person who had the guts to go to a blog entitled Money & the Actor, there were far more who were like “Thank you–next!”

And yeah, I get it.

Last blog I discussed How to Handle Unsupportive Friends/Family at Thanksgiving and gave you the catchphrase:

Things are going great! I am paying my bills, saving some money, and pursuing what I love. I’m really happy.”

I also gave you permission to say that talking point even if it wasn’t true… yet. So now you’ve gotten through the first holiday of this Winter Season, it’s time to get REAL.

First and foremost, my permission to use this lie lasts until January 3rd. Then after that, this money shit has got to change.

A little bit about my relationship with money and why I think it’s extra important as an actor to pay attention to it. One of the...

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How to Handle Unsupportive Family & Friends at Thanksgiving

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020

I am lucky.

My Father, whose Mother did everything in her power to stop him from becoming a pilot (she was terrified he would crash), vowed to himself he would support his child in whatever career they wanted to pursue.

So when I, at a very early age, told my parents I wanted to be an actress, they bent over backward to do anything and everything they could to help me. 

Like I said, I’m lucky.

Saying that I certainly have not been immune to the awful questions that “friends,” nosy neighbors, and random busy-bodies ask:

“So, how’s the acting career going?” 


“Have you ever thought of getting a real job?” 


“So how much more time are you going to give this?”

Generally, these lovely questions popped up during times when I was super slow, just got rejected by an agent, or bombed a final callback for the job that would have “changed everything.”

So, how on earth does one...

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What Does “Prepare” for an Audition Look Like?

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020

I talk incessantly about understanding the importance of speaking the Language of the Agents/Casting Directors vs. speaking the Language of the Actor. 

There is a reason for this. If you do not, the Agent (who you want to represent you in the most effective way possible) and the Casting Director (who you want to be brought in by for an audition) will just not be bothered with you.  

They do not have the TIME to interpret what you the Actor are trying to say to them. Therefore, they will just go (or more accurately) go BACK to the Actors they have called in before who DO speak their language and who they know will PREPARE and DELIVER for them in the room.

So, What Does PREPARE for an Audition Look Like or Really Mean?

 To me, it means:

  1. That the Actor is OFF BOOK as much as possible and preferably, just holding the script and only referencing it when needed. That the actor knows what they are saying and knows the material well enough to keep their focus on the...
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How to Prepare for an Agent Pay-to-Play

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020

Last blog I wrote about why Pay to Plays were actually a GOOD thing… particularly if you are an unconnected actor.

This week I want to talk about how to PREPARE for Pay to Plays when meeting an agent.

1)     Know who the agent is. Look them up on IMDB PRO (not regular IMDB – IMDB PRO) and find out what kind of clients they have. If they have clients whose resumes are way out of your league – chances are this is NOT the best use of your time nor your hard-earned money. Look for agents who have some clients with your level of experience and just a bit above – that is your sweet spot.

2)  Research as many projects as you can of TV shows that are shooting in your market. If you live in LA, NY, or Atlanta – this can be a challenge, as there are MANY. But get a good 10 shows that you are right for and watch 2- 3 of those shows’ most recent episodes and gather evidence of why you are right for that show – and KNOW who the...

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A Truth About Pay to Plays

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020

Yes, there is Truth (Real Truth) to uncover about Pay to Plays, and I am going to do my best to debunk some wild theories that are out there.

Truth: Agents make money when they do Pay to Plays. The host (the company where the Pay to Play is being held) pays the agent a portion of the profit to be there that night. Agents do not do these for free – they do not have the time nor the financial backing to do so.

Now, contrary to what you may be thinking, Pay to Plays are actually a VERY GOOD thing. Why? Because the reality is that the work-life of the agent (which quite frankly, I do not think actors think about but feel it is ESSENTIAL– learn more about that HERE) is one of “I do not have time.”

Agents are not Gods. They do not have time to meet 20 actors in a day because just like you they need to make a living. And making that living consists of getting their CURRENT clients auditions and negotiating their deals – not meeting new actors.


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Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020

Because there is one, painfully ugly truth about HEADSHOTS.

Are you ready?

Are you sitting down?

Good, cause your career DEPENDS on it.

Agents and Casting Directors will judge whether you know what you are doing (or not) in this business within LESS THAN ONE SECOND of looking at your headshot.

Less. Than. One. Second.

That means you have less than one second to start or end a valuable relationship with an Agent or a CD.

And the ugly truth is, most actors have NO IDEA what the industry is looking for when it comes to headshots.

In my Weekend Intensives, I ask, “are you speaking the language of the Agents and the Casting Directors?’ Or… “are you speaking the language of the Actor?”

If you’re not sure as to which you should be speaking, let me assure you that you absolutely WANT to be speaking the language of the Agent and the Casting Director!

And it all starts with the Headshot because chances are, THAT is their first...

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